The Mission of HSSPGB

The Hellenic Scientific Society of Plant Genetics and Breeding (HSSPGB) was founded in 1982 and according to the articles of its statute, is a non-profit scientific society. It aims to promote scientific and technological knowledge, as well as to develop a spirit of cooperation among its members. The primary goal is to encourage the further development and progress of Plant Breeding and Genetics in order to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, as well as engaging in issues related to the sustainable management and protection of plant genetic resources.

To achieve the above -mentioned purposes, HSSPGB operates as follow:

1. Organization of scientific conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, demonstrations, as well as participation in similar events of other scientific organizations and societies.

2. Publication of the book of abstracts from its scientific conferences or other scientific events, books and leaflets.

3. Participation / representation in national and international organizations, societies, committees, working groups and decision-making bodies on issues concerning the registration of new varieties in the National and EU catalog, their identification and registration for commercial exploitation, the management and protection of plant genetic resources and biodiversity, and other related issues.

4. Study of specific problems related to Genetics and Plant Breeding, sustainable management, conservation of plant genetic resources and biodiversity, and submission of recommendations / proposals to the relevant National / European bodies and services.